7 Cool Gift Ideas for Summer Season


Every season has its pros and cons! When it is about the Summers, the scorching rays of the Sun makes the daytime an unbearable one and we find our solace near things like water body, A.C., refrigerator, etc. In case you have to gift any near and dear one on this season, you can check the following gift options that would make them feel refreshed for sure.

Inflatable Beverage Floats: Spending more time in swimming is very common during the summer season. People also arrange pool parties in this time. You can get some nice and colorful inflatable beverage floats for your loved ones. The drink, fruit juice, cool shakes, etc. on hand should not slip away when you want to soothe yourself in the pool. These useful floats would be really amazing as a gift.

Sunscreen and Sunglass: One should not step out of the house without these two things. There are various brands in the market and you can pick up any one depending on the exact SPF range you want for your skin. Couple that up with a broad sunglass and a perfect summer gift is ready for your loved one. Keep this gift idea in mind when you are getting an online rakhi to USA for your brother.

Summer Scented Candles: Your curious mind must be thinking that what exactly is the summer scent? Well, those aroma that brings in a feeling of coolness in your mind and body are termed as summer scents. You would get many candles of summer scents like coconut, lemon, pineapple, watermelon, lavender, gardenia, etc. You must look out for them and gift your loved ones on any festive occasion during the summer break.

Goblet for ice tea: When you have finished all the day’s hard work at office and home and you want to enjoy the cool breeze at roof top or balcony – a goblet filled with fresh ice tea would bring peace and calmness to your mind and body. Get this one for your sweetheart and enjoy the summer heat. You may consider some colorful or printed goblets also.

Beach towels: If you know that some of your friends are going to some sea shore to beat the summer waves, you can think of a set of beach towels as an endearing gift. Let them enjoy the atmosphere of the beach!

Aloe Vera plant: Nothing can soothe your skin and hair better than an Aloe Vera plant during summer season. It heals sun burns and tanning in the best possible manner. Not only in Summer season, but, this can be used all-round the year to cure skin allergies, wounds, or rashes. Along with an online rakhi for your brother, can get one Aloe Vera plant.

Pitchers and water bottles: We all know how important water is to our lives but during the Summer season, the requirement triples up – right? We drink water more than normal during this time of the year. So, you can gift a pitcher with prints of summer fruits like lemons, mango, litchis, or melons. Also include some colorful water bottles for the kids of the family.

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