Heated Insoles, Perfect During The Cold Winter Months


For those who do a lot of walking outside in the cold in winter, it will probably be familiar with cold feet. The longer you spend outside, the colder the feet will get. Sometimes it can even be so bad that the feet become painful too. There are several ways to take care of this problem. First of all, it is important to wear well-insulated shoes, as well as a pair of thick and warm socks. In addition, to make your feet really warm when they are cold, heated insoles are the ideal addition.

Transform the work experience for employees

People who walk a lot for their jobs benefit from healthy feet. If their feet get cold, this can lead to complaints and sick leave. Many employers provide their staff with protective clothing, but heated insoles are usually not considered.

Heated insoles can make the difference between an employee being able to carry out their work pleasantly and someone sitting at home sick because they suffer while walking. For innovative solutions in this regard, employers can explore information at ohmamabar.com.

The crucial role of heated insoles for job satisfaction

The heated insoles warm the entire forefoot area. Once the warmth is in the toes, the heat migrates to the rest of the foot giving a pleasant feeling. As the footbed of the heated insole is ergonomically designed, this also contributes to wearing comfort. These heated insoles are very suitable for workers who walk a lot or stand in a cold store. The heated insoles feature a battery integrated in the sole. Because of this, the insole is slightly thicker and it is recommended to remove the regular insole from the shoe. If this is not an option, there is also another heated insole.

Heated insoles for every shoe

The ultra-thin heated insole is so thin that it fits into any shoe. It is easy to cut to size so you can mould it exactly to your shoe. Because the battery is external to this insole, there is extra space for heating elements. There is one insole where, like the slightly thicker heated insole, the elements are at the forefoot area. There is also a model that has the heating element all over the insole. This heated insole can heat up to 80 degrees which guarantees you won’t have cold feet anymore.

Cold-proofing your workforce: Keeping employees warm and productive

So, to ensure that your employees do not get cold while working and can enjoy performing their jobs, it is important that they are comfortable. Besides heated insoles, there are plenty of other ways to make sure your employees do not get cold. BERTSCHAT®’s experts can advise on which products are best suited to the job. For the complete product range, please visit their website.  So, you will see that there is always a solution against the cold, even if you have to work outside in the harshest conditions. Bring on the winter.

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