Which Clothes Are Needed For School Uniforms?


When you are buying some school uniforms for your children, you need to think about every individual item of clothing that you need to purchase. Once you have everything you need, your child will be ready to start school with a comfortable and functional uniform.

Which items of clothing do you need to buy to make up school uniforms?

Polo T-Shirt

A polo t-shirt is one of the first things that you need to buy when you are selecting a quality school uniform for your son or daughter. The best thing about polo t-shirts is that they are unisex, so you will be able to buy the same kind for all of your children.

The polo t-shirt needs to be lightweight enough for your children to feel cool when they are playing outside at school in the height of summer.

You will also want to buy some thicker polo t-shirts that the children can wear in the winter. Then they will not feel the cold at all. This is especially true if the sleeves of the t-shirt are long.


Most school uniforms incorporate a jumper. You will want to buy a jumper which is easy to wash. You should check the wash temperature of the jumpers so that you do not expose them to too much heat. The jumper should also be durable enough to not rip if your child snags their clothes on tree branches or they fall over.

The sleeves of the jumper should be easy enough to roll up because this will allow your children to cool down when they are feeling too hot. Some teachers do not allow their pupils to take off their jumpers, so sleeves that can be rolled up easily will be beneficial.

You can choose a jumper which has a collar, or your child might prefer to have a jumper which has a round neck. They need to feel as comfortable as possible.


Some school uniforms require that your child wears a tie. You will want to choose a tie that is easy for you to wash. You will also want the tie to be extremely durable. Some children will have a lot of difficulties knotting their tie, even if you try to teach them the Windsor or half-Windsor knot.

If your children are struggling with their ties, you will want to buy a clip-on tie. Then they will not have to worry about being late when they are getting ready for school in the morning.


The trousers of the uniform need to be extremely durable as well as being comfortable. Your child can try on several different pairs to find trousers that are not itchy and do not flap around in the wind.


The shoes that you buy for your child’s uniform need to be durable because your child might have to walk several miles a day.

Your child can try on every part of the uniform before you buy it.

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