5 plants to gift to your nature lover near and dear ones


Gifting is the most beautiful way to express your loving feelings towards your friends and relatives. This moment becomes more special when the recipient gets the gift which he/she is really fond of. Some people love to get pampered with materialistic things. They feel at the top of the World by receiving things like – jewelry, bag, wallet, dress and many more. While some just find themselves lucky to receive plants as gifts. They experience inner peace and calmness when they are surrounded by greenery. Their morning starts at a good note and they feel refreshed all day long.

So, if your loved one is a nature lover and his/her birthday/anniversary or any other special occasion is around the corner, then gifting a plant is the perfect idea. Here are the choices that you must go through and pick the most ideal one for your sweetheart:

  1. Lucky Bamboo Plant:Lucky Bamboo, also known as Chinese water bamboo symbolizes the plant for good luck. It denotes health, prosperity and luck. Gifting the wonderful lucky bamboo plant conveys that you care a lot about your special ‘he’ or ‘she.’ The giftee will love your thought and he won’t resist thanking you again and again. Besides bringing the broadest smile on the face of the recipient, the lucky bamboo plant also makes a tremendous ornamental value of the home. Whenever your loved one will look at this plant, it will remind him/her of your beautiful gesture.
  2. Mint Plant: Are plants merely for show? Naaah! They need to have some utility too. Mint consists of medicinal properties that help overcome a variety of health issues like – cold, cough, allergies and other digestive issues. Besides their nutritional and health value, it is also used for preparing drinks and beverages. It can also be used to prepare a pack and use it to ease sunburn pain.  Getting such a useful plant on a special occasion, your loved one will soar high in excitement. He/she will feel privileged to think that you had invested a thought in deciding the most unique present for him/her.
  3.  Lavender Plant: Want to gift a fancy yet unique plant to your friend or a relative? Why not send a beautiful lavender plant to him/her. The Lavender plant is the best gift that you can think of gifting to your loved one. Lavender plant represents grace, elegance and refinement and helps reduce stress to a large extent. With its charming aesthetic and beautiful aroma, this plant can make any space pleasantly fragrant. Lavender flowers can also be added in the bathtub which ultimately helps prevent inflammation and improve the quality of sleep. Your loved one will definitely be happy receiving such an exquisite gift.
  4. Money Plant: Fengshui is a proven science which helps infuse harmony and balance within spaces. The exclusive money plant is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys stunning and wonderful houseplants. This plant is believed to attract success and fortune. It is also known as an air purifying plant which energies the house by filtering air and improving the oxygen flow. You can easily buy money online. There are a lot of websites which offer money plants alongwith the beautiful vase to steal away the heart of your loved one.
  5. Succulents: These super trendy and easy to take care plants make the best gifts for everyone whether it’s your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, grandparents or an office colleague. It will not only show your endless love for them but will also add a happy energy to their lives. Its enchanting and beautiful aesthetics will give off the positive energy to the interiors. The plant which symbolizes strength and selfless love would definitely bring a million dollar smile on the face of your near and dear ones. Don’t worry about their availability. They are just a click away; you can easily explore them online.

You are lucky to have beautiful people in your life who have a special corner in their hearts for the beauty of nature. But more than you, they are lucky to have a caring hearted person like you who takes care of their choices. Plants make an excellent gift and extend love and wishes to the near and dear ones in the simplest yet memorable way.


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