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9 signs of psychological manipulation in communication

When we talk about psychological manipulation in communication, we see a first thing happen: an imbalance in the relationship. To manipulate means to use language in one's favor, not only to control the other but also to do harm. Communication training can reveal the pitfalls of manipulation. Here are the main signs of

How Aromatherapy is Used to Trick Your Senses

Trick Your Senses

Your only experience with aromatherapy might be utilizing something like lavender to help you sleep. You use a small diffuser sitting on the nightstand to diffuse the essential oil into the air. It works just fine for your purposes. But did you know that there is more to aromatherapy than

Get the Supplies You Need to Move Like a Pro

Move home

It can be difficult to move from one place to another, to say the least. Sure, a move can be exciting, and there is no shortage of reasons to try and do so. You might be moving as the result of university enrolment, a promotion, house hunting for a new

Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty Products

Organic products are everywhere these days, you’ll find them in your local supermarket and pharmacy, they are becoming more and more popular within the beauty industry for several reasons. Organic products contain no harmful chemicals or toxins, so they are great for treating your skin with natural ingredients. Here are