Dresses VS Pants


What clothes do you usually stake on? Gorgeous feminine models of flattering materials or tight-fitting ones emphasizing your natural curves? Do you agree with the statement “Women wearing pants are not exactly women”? Today we are going to discuss these and a few other questions together with the experts of Cattifly. So let’s figure out what is more reasonable dresses or pants.

First of all, the answer depends on your own style and pace of life. If you work in an office, don’t have to travel a lot during a day and your job technically allows wearing dresses – great. You can choose this elegant kind of clothes to emphasize femininity and beauty. However, according to Cattifly, jumping in and out a car all day long makes dresses not the best options to stake on. In case your profession is connected with using small details, spending much time in different kinds of transport or running up and downstairs – pants are your everything.

Another widespread myth claims “A date is not a date without a dress”. Right, if you are fond of wearing skirts and dresses, it’s obvious you’ll put them to a date as well. But the guys from Cattifly notice: if you are keen on more rebellious alternatives, you can concentrate on a wide range or awesome jumpsuits, especially silk ones, sets consisting of a blouse with shorts, classical 100% cotton jeans or wide-leg trousers considered unbelievably fashionable this year.

Have you heard other interesting suggestions regarding the choice between dresses and pants? Oh, sure. Interviews. Some people believe women get jobs more often if they go to interviews in dresses. Let’s have a closer look at the issue. The statistics of Cattifly based on a survey launched among their customers shows: in practice clothes don’t play a decisive role in an employer’s verdict as far as they are tidy and at least semi-formal. Of course, if you apply for a position of a dress salon manager or a beauty salon administrator, wearing a dress during the interview will be desirable and logical. Otherwise, you can choose a stylish suit with trousers or even formal shorts instead. It’s your choice and you need to analyze what suits you and the position you want to get best.

And finally, the topics of mom’s wardrobe. Most women claim trousers are the best choice for a mom, especially when her kid is small. However, the experts of Cattifly think dresses are also very good in this case. There are a lot of brands creating wonderful casual and very romantic dresses for mommies. Such models are made of natural textiles and provide a breastfeeding option if necessary. Isn’t it a good chance to oppose stereotypes of moms having no time for themselves?

All in all, we think every woman needs to have both dresses and trousers in her wardrobe. You can’t foresee what occasion is coming and what look you’d like to make up. Experiment, ignore stereotypes and be yourself in every possible way. Fashion is always by your side!

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