Get the perfect manicure for your new ring


You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their nails and hands. Clean, nicely-shaped nails give the impression of someone who is well groomed, cares about their appearance and takes time to look and feel good.

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Brides-to-be who want to show off their engagement ring will always ensure nail treatments and manicures are part of their beauty preparations, not least because of the all-important ring placed on their finger marking the happiest day of their lives. Celebrities also love showing off their diamonds, such as those in a recent article in Vogue; however, it isn’t just weddings and engagements that require this important beauty treatment. Sometimes there simply isn’t the time to go to a salon and there is no choice but to do it yourself.

Wash and clean

The very first step in creating the perfect manicure is to remove any old lacquer using a remover lotion and to wash your hands in warm soapy water and remove any dirt on or around the nails.

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The second step is to push down the cuticles using a cuticle stick or cuticle softener. Cuticle clippers are great if you have them and are confident using them, as they can easily get rid of any overgrown cuticles.

Shape and file

Depending on the length of your nails and how often you file them, you may need to cut them with nail clippers or simply shape them with a nail file. A good tip is to only file in one direction, as this will help prevent breakages.


Buffing your nails using a nail file can give them a lovely natural shine and ensure you have a smooth surface ready for the polish.

Jewellery is not only a lovely gift but also wearing it can mean many things to different people. Whether you are making a fashion statement or wearing something with sentimental value, such as a diamond eternity ring from a specialist such as, ensuring your hands are at their best will make all the difference.


Always use a base coat, which will help to keep the nails healthy and strong, and always finish with a top coat to protect the colour. A top coat can also be added every couple of days to make the colour last longer.

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