Your Guide To Studio Ghibli Movies


The confab “GHIBLI”, it was originated from an Arabic word means “ hot air blowing in from the Sahara desert”. In a light of his father worked in the aviation industry, Miyazaki probably adapted the name from the Italian Ca.309 plane.

Iconic Movies That Moved Everybody’s Emotions

It is not always that you have a movie that is able to put you tears, fall in love, shake in fear, or laugh in joy. Write these movies to your notes and watch them during your leisure time.

  • The Tales From Earthsea

This is not the studio’s best movie but, you will feel sad for Goro Miyazaki, being yanked in to direct a huge movie with zero knowledge and experience while also being yanked by his grouchy, more experienced father. That affinity does not make this bad movie any better. Ugh!

  • Ocean Waves

It is not actually bad, just not that memorable. It was done in a lower budget, with nothing to impress the anime fans. The story is a bit of a soap-opera and a melodrama, inoffensive yet un-appealing.

  • Pom Poko

The big problem on this film is that the first draft that could really have used a minor revision. The concept of the tanuki slowly losing their identity as they investigate on and comprehend with the humans is an interesting conflict and the “ghost parade” array is awesome, but the pacings is a major disaster, the characterization is feeble, and the tone and the message are too preachy. To find out what Pom Poko means in Japanese, visit this website:

  • The Red Turtle

It is co-produced by “Ghibli” but animated in France by the Dutch filmmaker Michael Dudok de Wit. The movie is exceedingly beautiful, most of the time boring and essentially broken on a conceptual level. It was nominated for 2016  Best Animated Feature Oscar, it’s worth the praise for its dazzling animation and the competent way it tells its story without a single dialogue.

  • From Up On Poppy Hill

It was the second film of Goro Miyazaki and has a significant improvement compared to his first movie. It was based on 80s Manga set in the 60s. It has also a nostalgic impression of the place. The animators bring the Yokohama seaside to dynamic life. The main relationship in a drama was never portrayed well in the movie.

  • Whisper of the Heart

This is an example of a sweet coming of age movie, with a target on how young people can victual artistic talents. It is maybe a slow-paced movie but still manages to keep your attention throughout.

  • Only Yesterday

It was released way back in 1991 in Japan, this movie did not receive an American release. Disney’s official statement why they did not release it because of the discussion about menstruation, but ahead from that, this movie is one of the hardest to sell to the family market. Something repercussing on her childhood that would definitely bore most kids.

  • Grave Of The Fireflies

For the baby boomer viewers you should get ready and go get some tissue, this is the type of movie that will expand your perception of what animation is capable of. This reworking of a semi-autobiographical story about siblings coping to survive the WWII fire-bombings. Between all the horror, there’s a lot of poetry and mankind to be found here.

You must watch these classics and your time will never be wasted. Just remember to prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions.

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