Worry-free Bixby of Galaxy S9


Samsung decided to keep the same camera from the S7 for this year’s model Galaxy S8 was a little disappointment. But the first results obtained with the camera of the new Galaxy are very satisfactory. And they are because the optics of the model of the previous year was one of the best of the market, which allowed having an advantage of several bodies with respect to its rivals. Samsung Company once again has been indulged in a careful deliberate activity for the design concept of the next upcoming G series smartphone – The Galaxy S9.

The fact of taking an almost ‘sabbatical’ year in this aspect probably means that the competition will match these benefits throughout the year. It will be interesting to see what Apple gets with the next iPhone or if Google is able to improve the results obtained with the Pixel. Until then, the Galaxy will continue to be one of the best cameras in the market although it is thought that the S8 would have been a superb phone if the Korean manufacturer had decided to improve the specifications. According to the Korean publications, Company has fabricated its modish flagship Galaxy S9 in a very carefully, a passionate manner that the 16MP Dual lens camera of it and 8MP front camera of the S9 smartphone will definitely rock next year and will amaze the users with its hi-class picture quality and colors.

The Galaxy S9 has worry-free features

They are three and can be listed quickly: sensor iris, fingerprints, and Bixby. First of all is a disappointment faced in Galaxy S8 considering that the same technology, in Galaxy Note 7, worked flawlessly. In these days of use, I have encountered numerous problems when it comes to unlocking the phone with the look when in Note 7 was an almost instantaneous process.

The sensor, in addition, registers the same problem that already suffered the Note 7 and when unlocking it with the fingerprint, is not an agile process and in which Samsung will have to work to make it at least so Fluid as above. Hope, Samsung designers would solve this problem and the rumors suggest that S9 will come to the market with a new position for the fingerprint scanner.

We cannot close our review of S8 to the negative aspects without mentioning Bixby. It may be unfair to put you in this bag when the voice assistant is not yet available, but beyond the wizard only serves some functions (augmented reality, wine bottles scanning, online shopping), the Samsung solution does not Offer weighty arguments that will push you to use it frequently. The designers have arranged Bixby in Galaxy S9 very well and the Visual Recognition function is amazing, according to an industry insider. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will make a huge hit with the latest version of Bixby, Bixby 2.0.

In fact, it is appreciated that the Korean manufacturer tries to give a twist to the S8 concept (has its own dedicated button, below the volume control) but, after trying it on a couple of occasions, Bixby ends up in the same drawer as Siri, Cortana or Google’s assistant. Wish Galaxy S9 bring us more entertainment and fun with this new companion virtual AI.

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