Why You Must Consider Buying A Beautiful White Gold Pearl Pendant?


Wearing white gold pearl pendant has now become the new fashion trend amongst women. These pendants are perfect to style and pair it up with any dress that you are wearing for the occasion. It was a century ago that these white pearls was used in making necklaces. The trend has now been revived and because of the beautiful appearance that these necklaces portray, they have now become the new fashion trend in the market.

Alloys used in creating white gold pearl pendant

Nickel is now no more used in creating white gold pearl pendant necklace; instead, the alloy is now manufactured by using copper, zinc, palladium, silver and yellow gold. The quality of the white gold manufactured depends upon the quantity in which these metals are added and mixed up to make the alloy. The appearance of alloy is also dependent on the quantity of metals mixed in it.

The alternative for gold

White gold forms the perfect alternative for any person who wishes to have gold ornaments in his/her collection but not one with the yellowish shade instead one that comes with the silvery shade. The metals used in the alloy can also be used in getting the perfect design that you want for any occasion.


Having a white gold pearl pendant has following advantages:

  • It doesn’t rust easily and has a longer lifetime than the simple gold necklace.
  • It is more ductile and malleable and hence can be easily shaped into ornaments that the jewelers wish to make.
  • The cost is much less than that of palladium and hence becomes affordable for most people and also comes in a variety of designs.
  • The white sheen is perfect if you want to accentuate the pendant with the perfect color.


Hence, you can get that perfect combination for any occasion if you pair up your outfit with the white gold pearl pendant and hence be ready for any occasion that you want to be in. Therefore, get your white gold pendant today.

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