When Sunglasses Become Your Home


Are you the kind of person who easily falls in love with a great pair of designer sunglasses? Are you someone who really cares about the exterior appearance of your home? If you answered ‘yes’ to both these questions, we have one more question to ask: how would you feel about your home resembling a pair of designer shades?

We ask because a home found in the Australian seaside town of Indented Head looks remarkably like two pairs of wraparound sunglasses side-by-side. It is actually kind of unnerving from a distance. The 4,468 square meter house recently sold for AUD $820,000 (USD $638,000). That’s a whole lot more than you would pay for a pair of designer sunglasses from an Olympic Eyewear brand.

Nice but Somewhat Quirky

News.com.au reports that the quirky home in Indented Head is one of the most unique homes in the region. Real estate agent Luke Campbell admitted that the home is not right for everyone. But he said the buyer who eventually bought it fell in love with it almost immediately. That’s good, because this is not a home that would likely sell very well in any place other than the coastal town in Australia.

The house consists of two separate pavilions joined together by a small walkway. On one side is an extension that only adds about 10 to 12 feet to the home’s profile. The lower levels of the two pavilions are pretty innocuous. They are triangular boxes with windows on the front and both sides. Each has a separate entrance on the left side.

So far, so good. The quirkiness comes into play on the second floor of both pavilions. On three sides are a series of windows that look like a pair of sunglasses you might buy in any boutique or department store. More importantly, the size of the panes varies. At the two ends, the panes start out relatively small. They get bigger as they progress toward the center, which just happens to be the front panel of each of the pavilions.

The panes are also bordered by white frames that really make them stand out. Moreover, the glass on the first floor just below gives the appearance of a human nose and mouth. The icing on the cake is the sloped roof that covers both pavilions. It looks eerily like a tightly worn hat or closely-cropped hair.

Live and Breathe Sunglasses

It is really hard to do justice to what has been dubbed the ‘Sunglasses House’ through mere written description. Hopefully you will be able to follow the link attached to this post and see the home yourself. One look will tell you everything you need to know.

Seeing the house causes one to wonder if the recent buyer is a person who lives and breathes sunglasses. You would almost have to just to enjoy looking at this house from the outside. It is eerie in a delightful sort of way – but eerie nonetheless.

It’s not hard to imagine working out in the yard and feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder. Perhaps the neighbors feel the same way. At any rate, the Sunglasses House is a truly unique piece of property that its new owner is happy to own.

Would you buy the house if given the opportunity? Some would, others wouldn’t. One thing is for sure though – visitors wouldn’t have any difficulty finding your house the neighborhood. Just give them directions to your street and let them find their own way. Tell them to look for the giant sunglasses if they need help.

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