What is the Ukrainian market for UPS sales?


Nowadays all the modern techniques make human’s life simpler and less dangerous. Human’s personal information, perhaps, is the most important thing he has. Photos, videos, documents are the part of electronic resources, which depend on electricity. So when electricity is permanent personal data is in safety.

Not all countries have good electricity, so then each user of electric network thinks about UPS.

Many cities in the Eastern Europe have troubles with electrification. The Ukraine is not an exemption. UPS In Ukraine is important part of each electric system. Price of uninterruptible power supply unit In Ukraine is cheaper than in other countries. It is because demand on UPS In Ukraine is good. The most well-known supplier of the UPS In Ukraine is company POWERCOM. The company brings the UPS In Ukraine and makes a great network of techniques. The company doesn’t sell this product direct to customer. It only makes the UPSes appear on the Ukrainian sales market by selling the product to Ukranian local companies.

Ukranian sales market of UPSes

The Ukrainian market in this area is developing, but it has not reached the level to be considered the most established. It is promising for both old suppliers and newcomers. With the growth of the Ukrainian economy, the number of new suppliers in this industry is also growing. According to 2017, the turnover of the uninterruptible power supply market grew by 10-15% in relation to previous indicators.

Methods of entering new sales market

  1. Direct export – the sale of commercial goods to the end buyer. Often, huge companies with well-known brands choose this method. But isn’t suitable for everyone.
  2. Making of a branch. The general advantage will be the absolute control over the created enterprise. Promotion strategy, budgets and reporting are developed in the main company. The downside will be the need to independently develop a new territory. Spend time studying the market and the characteristics of consumer needs in it.
  3. The partener export is a good variant too. The product is saling in the country by other companies which are parteners.

POWERCOM‘s potential

The potential of the Ukrainian market is considered depending on the consumer’s ability to buy goods and the company’s ability to develop in a particular country.

There is a unique plan to realize a good potential:

  1. Description of the main customer’s audience. Making up an image of a buyer: his money condition, targets of work, interests. The more information, the easier it will be to take decisions on the methods for promotion, strategy and advertising actions;
  2. Determination of a strategy for the development of a new territory. Making a decision to open a branch, or looking for partners to start the sales process or to open a shop, which is a part of a general company;
  3. Search for commercial partners, according to the way of development chosen at the previous stage. It also may be clients. Negotiation process with retail outlets, etc;
  4. Development of a product promotion strategy. Based on the description of the target audience, an idea for promotion, tools and channels for conducting a campaign and placing advertising materials are formed. Selection of partners.
  5. Test run. Selling of a little batch of product. So, this way a businessman can talk about effectivity of commercial actions. Making adjustments if it is necessary;
  6. Starting sales.


Spheres of using

Medical public and private institutions require a constant power supply due to the fact that the functioning of all equipment is used to save human lives and carry out operations depends on the constant current. Most often, an online UPS is used because that it is the most reliable and can support the operation of equipment for more than a day.

The UPS is widely used at home. The fact is that many people (especially during a pandemic) prefer to work from home on a computer. Some people also do other important things on the computer. It is important for them to preserve all data, even if the electric current is cut off or its instability. Their successful work depends on it. Office workers also use a UPS to save data. Any of the above UPSes will allow you to turn off your computer correctly and without losing the result of working. In addition, the UPS is recommended for purchase and installation for those people who have a lot of old electrical appliances. They are not protected against power outages or sudden shutdowns, and, for this reason, may fail. The UPS will protect against such a problem. It is best to choose a UPS with a stabilizer.

UPS is often used in industry. Hazardous production always needs a constant electric current to keep the conveyor running. Typically, factories and factories use the most powerful UPSs and connect the maximum number of additional battery packs allowed.

If speaking is about examples, POWERCOM equipment works in organizations such as City Bank and Raiffeisen Bank, Bayer Roche pharmaceutical company, Shell oil company, Italian Ministry of Defense. Our clients are the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, WOG, ATB, National Ukranian Bank, National Police the New Post, the Ministry of Emergencies, MEDservice.

POWERCOM’s advanteges

  1. Work experience since 1987;
  2. Cooperation with the largest retailers in the region;
  3. Own marketing agency;
  4. Well-established logistics;
  5. 50000 sq. m of own storage facilities;
  6. Well-established network of service centers.


The uninterruptible power source is the guaranty of stable working of all the techniques, which a human has. UPSes are well-known and widely used in all the Europe. The leader of using the UPS in the Eastern Europe is the Ukraine. Company POWERCOM.ua is the greatest supplier of UPSes in all the Ukraine. All network of UPSes is made by it. All the people who want their data and devices to be in safety need to buy the uninterruptible power source.

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