What Distinguishes Fine China


There are many different types of dishes that you can buy. When you are looking for fine-quality dishes that you can use for serving tea to guests or simply nice dinnerware for special occasions, you’ll likely look for fine china. However, you might wonder why dishes made in London are called china.

Why is it China?

Fine-quality dishes are called china because the process for making them developed first in China and became associated with the country. They are porcelain dishes, and you can find beautiful ones from Dudson fine china suppliers in Stoke-On-Trent.

  • Porcelain is made by heating a clay material in a kiln.
  • Kaolin is a common material used to make porcelain.
  • Porcelain is different from other types of kiln-fired clay because it undergoes vitrification. This is the process by which a material becomes glass.
  • Porcelain is stronger than other types of clay because it forms new elements when it is heated to high temperatures. This is because of the kaolin and other materials used.

Does it Need to be From China?

There are many incredible china producers in the country of China, however, many UK suppliers have china from all over the world. There are many different materials that are used in these productions. You can find incredible china from companies around the world. The UK has some of the premier suppliers and producers of fine china. Make sure to weigh your options when you are looking for the right dishes and tea sets for your home.

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