Ways to motivate your employees


When the sun is screaming to join him, or snowflakes are creating a beautiful outside world. When the workload is too much, or contrasting, too low. When that one colleague is missing her colleague friend who just retired. When the atmosphere is just not as it should be, for example on a Monday morning. We just introduced you to a few ‘when’s. Related to? When you should make sure that you motivate your employees in a fun way to do their work as well as regular ones! Would you like to know a few tricks to motivate your people to perform their best performance? Please read the information and get inspired!

Go beyond work values

Although working values of your employees are of great importance and most probably the reason people are coming to your company at all; as an employer you must make sure that you look further than work values, because people are. For your employees, work is not the only thing that matters. Friends matter. Family matters. Sports matter. Culture matters. Time to relax matters, etc…. Make sure that the values at the work floor are in line with the personal values of your employees. Reserve time so that your employees can have some chit chat (friendships) instead of work or provide them a sport subscription at the local gym. Go beyond work and prioritize what your employees would prioritize.


Rewarding your employees is a good idea, but it is not always necessary to do so with an extra bonus or higher salary. Rewarding your employees is just about giving them appreciation and showing them that they are performing well. Rewarding them could also be with giving them a Wednesday morning kick off breakfast, or with giving out some free samples (e.g. with a bulk private label CBD) from time to time! Showing that you care is a great motivational factor for employees.


If your company would be able to afford it, one of the best ways to motivate your employees is by giving them one or two free days of holiday per year. Or half a day per month (but that would be a total of 6 days over a year, so be aware what you give away!). Free time in where your employees can enjoy some me-time and have extra time for cultures, friends and family; what would they like more than that?

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