Timeless pieces of life that keep time


Time is a very important parameter of our life. We have to run along with it and make the changes as required. But to keep up with it you will need a keeper of time. This beautiful piece of invention by humans is called a watch. You may have a wrist-watch or a nice piece of wall clock in your room. There are many kinds of watches that you may have around you. But an inevitable truth about it is that they too need to be repaired and serviced after a certain time. Timely service will keep them running for many years, even centuries.

Here are a few tips to keep the watch in good condition and running:

  • You must care for your watch and not take it for granted. As there are small parts that are in continuous motion they too need to be cleaned. There may be wear and tear and may need a few replacements. You should get it serviced and get these parts replaced by professionals as they have the best pieces you may need.
  • There are small parts like seals and gaskets, nuts, and bolts that need to be put in place. Also, the pieces of equipment needed to replace these are very small and delicate. Do not try to open a small watch at home as you may lose small pieces essential for the watch to run properly. The professionals have these small screwdrivers, tongs, and so on for watch repairs.
  • Most of the watches run on batteries. So, these need to be replaced regularly. Do not leave a spoilt battery in the watch as it may leak and destroy the whole machinery. But for the wrist watch and the delicate ones do not try to do the replacement on your own. The ends of the battery set are small and need to be handled with care. Even the batteries themselves are small and can roll under furniture not be found again.
  • Some watches are automatic and do not need batteries. These are called automatic. But these too will stop if left alone unworn. As the movement stops the stop. They are basically run on the principle of a pendulumor similar. They have delicate moving parts that need to be in full synchronisation. Only then there will be charging and proper functioning. They are a great investment coming from a collectible range.
  • Proper oiling is also needed for the watches to run well and give the correct time. Make sure to keep them running so that the oils do not dry out by getting timely watch repairs. Grandfather clocks are antique pieces that need to be taken care of very carefully.
  • You can clean a watch on the outside with a soft cloth and or a soft brush. The wall clocks are big and need to be hung at a good place where there is no rain or excess heat. The straps of wrist watch also need to be replaced when they become old.

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