Thinking Of Buying a Duvet Online For Your Home


Staying warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months can be difficult, especially at night. A restless night is horrible and it affects the rest of your day. Getting the right duvet to match your needs is important if you want to sleep comfortably. You need to consider the different types of linens and what duvet you want to sleep under during both seasons.

Duvets, Duvet Covers, and Comforters

Duvets are what most people sleep under. These are the linens that are filled, typically with feathers and down, and are the most common way to stay warm in winter. Duvets can get a bit hot during summer, so if you are only using one set of linens throughout the year, you should consider a duvet that works for both. Duvets should not be used alone as they will get dirty and it is a lot of work to have them properly cleaned.

Instead, use a duvet cover to keep things clean and neat. Duvet covers come in different patterns and styles and will allow you to match your bedding to the rest of your bedroom. The duvet slide inside the cover and protects it from constant use. After a few uses, you simply pull the cover off and wash it – which is much easier than washing the duvet and it helps it last longer.

A comforter is also filled with stuffing, like a duvet, but it is usually a lot thinner and it has its own patterns on it. Comforters are placed last onto the bed and are a great way to get extra warmth in the cold months. Combining a thin duvet with a comforter during winter is an easy way to keep the same duvet throughout the year.

Thread Count

Choosing the right thread count is a personal preference. If you have sensitive skin or enjoy a soft touch when going to bed, you will want to purchase a higher thread count. Generally, the more threads the more comfortable and quality the linen is. A threat count of 300 is often the lowest people are willing to go, but by trying out different options you will know what’s best for you.

Duvet fills

Having one duvet for the entire year or different ones for winter and summer will affect which duvet fill you choose. Each option has different properties, some are better are keeping you warm while others will ensure a cool sleep in summer.

100% down, pure down, all down, and down are all different options available. They range in warmth from 100% down to down, with various options in-between. Other than 100% down, the other options will be mixed with plain feathers and you have the choice between goose or duck, with goose being the fluffier option.

If you are looking for more information on prices and how to search online for bedding for your home, then check the Linens and Moor bedding page.

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