The Value of Using Locally-sourced and Knitted Products


It may seem odd that in this day and age of global markets that one should consider sourcing from a local factory, but there are a number of measurable benefits. As an example, let’s look at the knitwear industry and how the global market has impacted upon it.

Staying Local

The globalised market has certainly produced lower overheads for many manufacturers. When it comes to the niche area of knitwear, for example, lots of companies simply import from overseas companies. There are, however, good reasons to use professional knitwear manufacturers in London, including:

  • Supporting the local economy by supporting local employees and businesses.
  • Better communication with local knitwear factories when custom-designed products are required, rather than relying on foreign factories.
  • Wool and yarn that is sourced locally, thus supporting local farmers and cottage industries.
  • No need to wait for an overseas factory to deliver the completed product
  • A wide range of local products that can be sampled on-site so that the final product meets requirements.

Remaining Ethical

It is a big deal these days to ensure that products are sourced in an ethical and cruelty-free manner. Some knitwear companies understand the need to source ethically-produced yarn and wool, and this resonates on a greater level with customers.

Even though global markets present a challenge to local companies, the truth is that local companies are also adapting to meet niche requirements and market forces. In this context, the ethical knitwear industry is a prime example of how progressive thinking and business practices can make real headway in a difficult economy.

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