The Perfect Gifts from Namshi for Kids According To Their Age


Have a birthday to attend or any festive occasion is around the corner? You need to start thinking about the gifts you have to give to the kids in your family and friends circle. The gifts can include toys, games, arts and craft supplies and you have to make sure that they are age-appropriate so that the kids can enjoy them to their fullest. Namshi is the place one can shop for kids’ toys and other supplies. They have different categories of toys and games divided with gender and age so that selecting gifts is made easier for you. Apart from the huge variety present at Namshi, they also have affordable ranges and if you have access to Namshi coupons then you’re in luck to get even further discounts. Below mentioned are a few gift toys for kids according to their age.

1 2-Year-Olds

This is the age when kids have just learned how to walk, hot to corporate their movement and motion skills. What better toys can be than the plush soft toys and the spade bucket set. Some features you can look for in the plush toys are that it should have flashing lights and should produce sounds and music which will surely bring a smile on a child’s face. Toddlers love picking up stuff in this age and putting it in one place with the help of a spoon or any other similar item, hence the spade and bucket set is the best gift. These toys can be used when going to the beach and playing the sandpit. Use Namshi coupons and get these toys for a steal price.


This is the age where toddlers are labelled as a preschooler. They have started learning things, can tell alphabets and numbers, and also differentiate between colours. The best toys for this age can be educational toys. One can opt for a colourful Abacus toy. Through this toy, they can count and also divide the colours. Another great gift for this age can be a Play-Doh set, children can make different items for the colours they like and also learn how to use cutters on them. Use Namshi coupons and get different cutter sets with the Play-Doh at a low price.

5-6 Years Old

This is the age when kids become more independent.  The perfect gift for this age is a bicycle with training wheels. They will love this gift and will learn how to ride a bike. With the help of Namshi coupons, you can also invest in a safety helmet, knee and elbow pads to get the complete set with the bike. Other perfect gifts for this age are the Lego and Magnetic building sets. Kids in this age love constructing things on their own and try to be innovative.

7-8 Years Old

This is the age when children have maintained their balance and like to focus on things, what could be better gifts than roller bladders and skateboard. Through this, children will learn to maintain balance and will have a chance to have some outdoor activity. Namshi coupons also invest in safety kid which includes helmet, knee and elbow pads for their safety.

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