The most popular Dutch cookies at The Expat Shop


There’s nothing more Dutch than a cookie with coffee. And of course, you want to serve Dutch biscuits to your guests. Thanks to Dutch Expat Shop, you have as many choices as in a Dutch supermarket. In addition, you will also have them at home very quickly. With us, you’ll find real brands, which you could have shipped cheaply.

Deliverd across the globe

If you think about cookies from Holland, there might besome cookies that pop up. Maybe Verkade cookies, Jules Destrooper cookies, LU cookies? These are all cookies that appeal to many people. Don’t want to miss your delicious cakes while living abroad? You can order cookies from the Netherlands online through the Dutch Expat Store. We ship worldwide, so you can always eat your cookies with your coffee no matter where in the world you live.

Deliverd within days

Are you looking for an online store to buy cakes, waffles syrup, coffee cookies and waffles? At Dutch Expat Shop, you’ve come to the right place. Typical Dutch biscuits that we want to deliver all over the world. If you live in the European Union, you will have your cookies within a few business days.

Delicious with coffee

Even our syrupy waffles are known across the border. This is one of the most popular cookies in the Netherlands. That’s why this cookie should definitely not be missing from your shopping cart. In our online store we offer different types of syrup waffles. Small waffles in syrup, for example, go well with coffee. And waffles with avocado ragout, but also with more unusual flavors, such as cinnamon and mango chili. And have you ever enjoyed a banana caramel scone or cake? You can also buy gluten free syrup waffles from them!

Your online Dutch supermarket

Do you also feel homesick for Dutch products, such as cakes? At Dutch Expat Shop you will find all quality brands from the Netherlands as well as many products from Belgium. They ship everything quickly, safely and worldwide. So you don’t have to miss out on anything from your beloved Netherlands. With them you can order almost everything online!

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