The Many Benefits of Cycling as a Hobby


Bicycles have been around for at least 200 years, and throughout that time, design developments have been ongoing, with the modern machine that is light, strong and very efficient. The past decade has seen a surge in popularity with cycling, probably due to the healthy lifestyle we all strive to lead, and with whole families taking up this exhilarating pastime, bike riding has reached a new peak across Europe. The reasons for the rise in popularity are many, and if you have never considered cycling as a hobby, here are a few of the reasons what so many people are donning their cycle shorts and heading off down the open road.

A Fun Way to Get Fit

Cycling offers a unique way of experiencing the countryside and because it is so popular, there are cycle lanes everywhere and also special trails that run through some breathtaking natural beauty. Most fitness programs are not only boring, they can become tedious after a while, whereas cycling is a form of transportation, and the journey itself can be very rewarding. People do not consciously think about the fitness aspect of cycling, as the activity can offer such a rewarding experience. Of course, safety is important, and this means wearing a safety helmet, along with a bright cycling jersey, to ensure that you are visible to other road users.

Fresh Air and exercise

The health benefits of cycling include a workout for all the major muscle groups, and also it is a good cardio activity that improves circulation, and the great thing about cycling is you can set your own limitations. Some might prefer to really push themselves, both physically and mentally, by riding at a brisk pace, while others prefer to slowly pedal along, which gives you more of an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. There are no hard and fast rules about how hard you push yourself, and older people particularly enjoy a leisurely ride along country roads, and if you would like to add some spice to your social life, you could always join a cycling club, where you can meet likeminded people from all walks of life.

Cycling Clubs

These are spread across the UK, which means you will never be far from a local cycling club, wherever you happen to reside. They are usually seen at weekends, with groups ranging from a few riders to literally hundreds, all wearing their club cycling jersey, and the social aspect means you will meet others who like the freedom and exhilaration that cycling offers.

If all the family have their own bikes, you can make a day of it and plan a suitable route, and with a nice place to stop for lunch, it will be a family outing to remember. Many people take their bikes when they go for a holiday, and with foldup versions, or a roof rack, you can easily carry your bicycles. Failing that, you can always hire the bikes when you reach your destination.

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