The Four Amazing Summer Jackets All Men Must Own


When the sun shines brightly and washes away the long and gloomy winter season, the last thing you think about is outerwear, right? All you want to do is hit the beach, drink cool cocktails, and plan a picnic. Well that does not mean fashion has to take a backseat!

Summer jacket seems like an oxymoron, but, do not reject them without trying. Jackets are important in the hotter months too. They allow you to combat the erratic showers, act as another sartorial for your wardrobe, and keep the nippiness at bay during those evening drinking sessions.

You can make summer jackets work if you agree to select proper fabrics and styles. The rest of the discussion is a sort of handy guide that provides you with the knowledge to do that. Starting from waterproof wonders to lightweight layers, mentioned below are some popular summer jackets modern-day men must own.

Light Bomber

Bombers could be defined as insulated jackets produced to keep the pilots snug at high altitudes. Yes, that’s what they did initially. Menswear has however evolved and adapted to a series of conditions.

The light bomber jackets are known for being summer-friendly. It takes the best aspects of the insulated counterparts and refurbishes them. They would look simply amazing even with a plain T-shirts and casual sneakers.

The recommended brands are Ami, Club Monaco, Alpha Industries & Schott, APC, and NN07.


Denim jacket is considered one of the most breathtaking men’s garments. It has been a go-to outerwear since time immemorial. The light layer makes it perfect for the summer afternoons.

One may chalk down multiple merits of denim summer jackets, but, the salient points are: they are versatile, they are classic, and they are much more than seasonal clothing. If you do not wish to mess up the look, please avoid matching faded jeans.

The recommended brands are Buck Mason, Levi’s, Taylor Stitch, and Nudie & Edwin.


Menswear is immensely influenced by athletics. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that the coach jacket gained a strong footing in the fashion industry. The breezy cut and lightweight construction make it perfect for the summers.

Do not pair a coach jacket with shiny Oxford shoes and dress pants. Instead opt for chinos, shorts, and customized joggers. Coach jackets are versatile since you can put it on when it is raining outside.

The recommended brands are Nike, Y-3, Champion, and Carhartt.


Harrington jackets are believed to be an icon of the pop culture, replete with British heritage. They were popularized by 50s stars such as James Dean and Elvis Presley. It became hot instantly and remained a favorite of everyone since.

With unlined construction and cropped fit, Harrington jackets have entered the summer wardrobe quite easily. Style them with a white T-shirt tucked in slim-fitting jeans. High-top sneakers and suede boots finish the look smoothly.

The recommended brands are GANT, Fred Perry, Hackett London, and Ralph Lauren.

No one can expect men to be limited in Lancashire plant hire or other tool rentals nowadays. Being fashionable is every bit as masculine as executing heavy machinery. Captivate attention this summer by donning the aforementioned summer jackets. To enhance the appeal, throw in a watch or a scarf.

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