The Biggest Benefits of Promotional Products


There are more than a few reasons a company, even a small company, can benefit from using promotional products at certain key moments of their growth. Giving away gifts and other promotional items can help to grow awareness of a company as well as send an image of your brand and other important information home with multiple people. Knowing the benefits and some of the reasons of using promotional gifts should make it clear why you should consider this for your next promotional event.

New Products/Services

It is critical to make the launch of any new service or product memorable if you want to see sales start to increase, in addition to the education of your audience and employees about it. The right promotional marketing product mix can highlight the unique features of the launch or demonstrate some of its benefits to prospective leads. No matter the type of product chosen, you will see a significant increase in the awareness of your product or service and may see a correlating increase in interest.

Employee Incentive

When you choose one of many promotional giveaway products, such as those found at, it is easy to inspire more production from employees. Salespeople love commissions, and thrive on recognition given to them for a job well done, a quota met, and any other success in their field. This is your chance to cost-effectively provide individual employees who are excelling in their positions the opportunity to feel appreciated and important to your company, as well as to tell them that you notice when they do well.

New Accounts

It could be that you run a company with which clients may open up accounts, and a promotional gift upon signing up for a service is a great way to appreciate their business. In addition, you can combine this with marketing literature about promotional products, services, and benefits as one of the many ways to create a good impression on prospective clients. After all the hard work put into making each client happy with the provided service, it can help give you peace of mind in knowing you gave them a reason to remember you.


Promotional giveaways and similar products allow you to give new energy to a sales meeting and other important events. Having someone you trust on the job will ensure you get the most out of each meeting and ensure those in attendance pay close attention. Even if the gifts handed out are small, such as stress balls, it matters that you took the time and made the investment to give them something to keep and use.

“Free” Advertising

Although you will need to invest in the products on their own, this is a one-off payment that will give you a large order of personalised branding products. Whether you give them away or sell them to recoup some of your investment, these products will continue to show off your promotion for many years to come, and wherever they go, your promotion and branding will follow. This should significantly increase awareness and allow you free ongoing advertisement opportunities, just as a T-shirt given away at a music concert would promote a band.


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