The alternative of choice


Bags are quite a mainstay in our everyday lives since we pretty much use it every day to store our things in a mostly organized manner. Bags definitely serve its purpose but oftentimes when we need to bring bigger things, they can’t actually fit in the bags we bring along every day. Most of the time, students and professionals who are required to bring loads of stuff almost every day encounter this problem. Sure, they can stick it all in their backpacks but the weight would be a bit too much and constantly doing it every week will eventually take its toll on the body, especially the back, shoulders and spine.

It is because of these reasons that Zuca was manufactured. It serves as an alternative bag in which one can place their things in an orderly manner and not bearing the full weight of the load. The Zuca bags are a unique combination of both form and function which gives the user the ease and convenience of carrying a lot of things in style.

No need for backpacks anymore

Not really, you will still find a need for the backpacks but as far as carrying a lot of things in one bag goes, your solution to the problem might just be the Zuca bags. These unique alternatives comprise of two main parts, the “insert” which is technically the bag itself, and the frame, which the insert is placed into. The frame has wheels attached to the bottom so you can drag along whatever it is you are carrying with ease and not suffer from chronic back pains as if you were carrying a heavy backpack.

Carry things in style

Because the bags are a combination of both form and function, you can now carry your things in style. The inserts of the bag has a lot of designs for you to choose from, over a hundred designs to be a bit more specific. The frames as well have various colours that you can choose to match with the inserts. All in all, this makes for over a thousand possible combinations that you can choose from to make your bag as stylish as possible, of course, to your taste.

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