Sunglasses – An art to show your style and protect vision

Red sunglasses on a sunny beach

With its inception in the early 20th century as sun cheaters, Sunglasses have become an important part of a person’s visual requirement and a potion for style statement. Since western countries have chosen this tool as a style quotient and to protect the eyes, Sunglasses have become popular in eastern zone of the Earth too and it happened very rapidly. Ultraviolet rays can cause an irreversible damage to the eyes and are a prime reason for blindness and retinal cancer. Sunglasses play their part in blocking these rays from reaching our eye and protecting eyes from direct sunlight. Because, eyes are probably the most delicate organ of our body, a very special care needs to be taken and thereby, when using sunglasses, it is to be made sure that we use the best brands. The most preferred brands understands the diverse customer requirements depending on the personal need, age and the zone. Based on these features they provide sunglasses with some beneficial features like protection from UV and Gamma ray, protection from dust. And when it comes to top brands, Lenskart can be opted with no doubt, as it always comes up with stunning deals on pre-eminent brands.

Let us look at some of the top Brands dealing in Sunglasses:-

 Ray-Ban: – Probably the most widely known eyewear brand. This brand of sunglasses range from a variety of products, from aviator to wayfarer to Erica, you can just keep counting. Products of top notch and quality are a statement made by them with a casual and impressive style statement to go with. For young generation, aviator sunglass from Ray Ban with a superbike has no match for panache.

Maui Jim: – An American sunglass company that has come a long way since the recent few years. They mainly deal with UV blocking polarised sunglasses that are meant for protection of the eye. Striking Maui Jim sunglasses sport their products with the oceanic and sporty theme that goes well with the youth of today and make them feel the atmosphere with a happy scenario.

Oakley: – One of the best digital sunglasses that are available in the market at the current time. Introduced in 2004, these sunglasses contain an mp3 player embedded in the sunglass that allows the user to enjoy while jogging and doing sports.

Serengeti: – Owned by Bushnell Corporation, it is a high end sunglass brand. The main focus of the brand is eye protection and has launched products with spectral, photo chromic and polarised lenses.

Persol: – An Italian company with a great market in Europe came up with this name as the synonym is ‘for the sun’. This brand formerly catered to pilots and sports drivers but later on, it started manufacturing products for general people and that has enhanced its sale.

So, as we can see, sunglasses besides being a frenzy tool for macho-ness, it also takes protective measures to help you with your well-being.


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