Shop for kids Shumee toys online and gift your child a toxin free companion


Looking for toys for your toddler? Note that the shiny plastic toys, dolls, cars, trains and everything else may be attractive, but can be harmful for your child too. Most of these plastic-made toys contain harmful chemicals such as lead, bisphenol, phthalates, PVC etc. A child spends a lot of time with its toys. This, taken together with their habit of chewing on things, predisposes your child to a variety of illnesses such as asthma and cancer and interfere with its mental development. Moreover, owing to the quality of plastic these toys also get broken easily and end up in landfills early. A large number of such toys ending up in landfills pollutesthe environmentdue to the presence of toxic elements in them. So, such toys are not only endangering your child’s present, but also the future. To prevent this, you must go for toys that are made from natural products and processed with non-toxic material.

No matter whatever toy you give the child, the best way to foster their development is to be an active participant in the play. Try as far as possible to give toys to children which encourage their development and one should consider toys as something to be given to a child when they are alone. Instead it should present them with an opportunity to interact with others.

Shumee toys

Shumee toys are made from wood and coloured with water based colours that don’t contain lead. Moreover, there are no batteries in these toys. This makes the Shumee toys very eco-friendly and child friendly products. You can buy kids Shumee toys online. You can choose from a wide variety of toys. There is something for every age, but the toys mostly attract toddlers and infants as there are no battery-operated products.

Imaginative toys

The toys have been designed carefully, keeping in mind the age appropriate tendencies and interests. This makes the Shumee toys good companion for your child. The wooden, hand crafted toys are appropriate for infants who have the tendency to clutch and chew up things. These rattles and tethers will engage your baby’s attention for a long time, and help you do household chores. You can rest assured that the child is chewing only on natural wood and water colour that not harmful for it.

If yours is a toddler then introduce it to the world of music, since it will catch the imagination of the child. You can do this with wooden rattles, guitars, musical carousals etc. The musical carousel is an enchanting piece of toy. Your child is simply going to fall in love with it. As you wind it you can see the four beautiful horses revolving around with a music. Also give him a guitar and let him try different sounds. The cacophony will stir his mind and senses, and he will slowly learn to convert it into a soothing symphony. To get these Shumee toys shopping online is the best option. Surf through the toys, choose one and just order it.

One needs to take into account, that the modern toys are there with lots of whistles and bells. This can have little impact on the imagination levels of your child and on the other hand simple toys like books can enhance the creative aspect in kids.

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