Modern Wall Clocks Prove to Be Timeless in the Digital Age


Even though we regularly refer to our mobile phones for the time, modern wall clocks still remain timeless decorating accents. These clocks are used for more than just telling time. They also add a visual interest and appeal that is both aesthetic and functional.

Do You Have a Plate Stand?

So, where should you place this type of wall décor timepiece? If you have a mantel, a clock centred over this part of the room is an ideal way to showcase such an accent. However, you do not have to affix the clock to a wall. Why not lean the time-teller into a plate stand instead? Add a twist to your décor with this type of home accessory.

Keep Track of the Time Zones

If you normally keep track of various time zones, then you might consider hanging different wall clocks in different spaces in your home. After all, you do not want to make a call to a friend who lives in a different time zone if he or she is not yet awake!

Therefore, one of the most innovative ways to feature wall clocks is when you set them for various time zones and place them in different spots in your home. Whilst a clock in the bedroom might depict one time zone or time, another clock, such as one hanging in the kitchen, might represent another time zone.

Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time?

If you place a wall clock on a wall and it seems somewhat forlorn, why not frame the timepiece with a picture frame? Or, if you are not sure where to position a clock, think about where your house sees the most traffic. In which room do you spend most of your time? A clock should be placed where it can be frequently seen and referenced. So, if you happen to watch TV quite a bit, place the clock in the near vicinity of the television.

Modern Wall Clocks

Naturally, as mentioned, telling time is not the only reason for the hanging of wall clocks. You can choose clocks in varying styles and colours. For instance, a concrete-made clock designed with Brussels lace will certainly grab people’s attention, as will a minimalist clock that is all white and features black hands. You can also choose from modern wall clocks that are totally coloured in such striking hues as azure blue or red.

A Cuckoo Clock for the Kids

Another type of wall clock you may consider for the kids is a cuckoo clock designed like a birdhouse. This type of clock is indeed both historical and fun. For example, you can select a birdhouse cuckoo clock that features three bird call modes.

On such clocks, the small birdie that sings chortles in genuine bird-like voices as well as a cuckoo voice and twelve European songbird melodies. All the recordings are made outdoors. Birds that are stylised for these types of wall clocks come in hues such as white, red, black, or blue. Therefore, you can customise your own German-inspired cuckoo clock.

If you want to add an accent to your wall that speaks volumes, modern wall clocks are the perfect way to express the function of time and do so both creatively and decoratively.

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