Mistakes illustrators do that make them look like terrible artists


Anyone can be an artist. It can also illustrate and at the same time do things better by colouring them. It can also use the different software created especially for that purpose. Amazingly, these things make you a great illustrator. Still, some mistakes really make you look like an amateur when you illustrate. As such, you should not take illustrations lightly. Here are 3 mistakes you should certainly avoid.

Inconsistency with the illustrations

When you create a character, you should keep his or her characteristics. These things are very important when it comes to the consistency of the elements. You should keep it as if it were presented in the first parts of the illustrations, especially if you have more than one illustration.

As such, you should avoid making changes in the middle of the story. If the story does not change the character’s traits and characteristics, you should not make your own changes. If the picture used a blue coloured house, you use a blue coloured house all throughout the story. You may vary the shade in relation to the on the point of view but never make any major changes without the story’s permission.

Adding your touch

When you become an illustrator, the chances that you have to bend to the story’s will is high. In fact, if you were hired, it says that you followed the rules correctly. You should stick to the rules and the demands of your client. You do not want to stray from their wants and likes.

Imagine you were an architect and a client wanted to put a swimming pool in the building. Client should be obeyed. You do not put a baseball field in place of the pool. What you want does not matter when you illustrate for other people. What matters is the wants of the client. Stick to it and you will never break your relationship with companies and clients.

Argue that you are correct

Many illustrators nowadays are voiced too much. They “think” they know what they want for the project and say it out loud. This can go both ways. If they were the art director or the client, they can go about and shout what they want. If they are the illustrator UNDER the director or client, they should learn to keep quiet and do what is asked of them.

This mistake can be a grave mistake especially when you are just starting out. Because of that, you can even lose credibility. Once you destroy your reputation, you give your future clients a reason to not believe your style and your efficiency.

Remember all of these errors and make sure you do not do them when illustrating. You give your clients doubt and hesitation before clicking your profile. Be good and obey the directors, the clients, and the specifications. Don’t fall for the pride that may eat you away. People at iLustra know how to avoid these mistakes and so should you. The skills you’ll gain by following the rules can overpower your own discoveries.

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