Make Your Mark in the Business World with Promotional Pens


One of the best ways to make your mark in the world of business is to make use of promotional products. Therefore, if you want to leave an “indelible” impression, make sure that you do so with an accessory that uses ink.

Making a Selection

When you choose a supplier such as The Pen Warehouse, you can find an array of pens that can be printed with your company’s name and/or logo. Pens come in two main materials, metal and plastic. You can also choose pens set and presentation cases as well as highlighters and markers.

Two Types of Full-Colour Printing

In order to promote your business, you can make use of full-colour digital printing. This type of printing solution is a cost-effective choice when you want to print a pen in several vibrant colours. Two types of methods are used for producing full-colour printing on pens. One method involves printing directly to the substrate. The other technique entails using a transfer system. This latter type of system is used on cylindrical pens or pencils on which the image needs to surround the circumference of the writing instrument.

Direct-to-substrate type printing can only be used on pens or products that feature slightly curved or flat designs. If the artwork that you are using is photographic in nature or features a large number of hues, then you can only use digital printing as a solution. When selecting an imprint, your branding can include one to four colours. As mentioned, you can also opt for full-colour printing or a laser engraved solution.

Styles of Pens

Pens come in a number of styles. You can choose from capped pens, push-button pens, and twist-action instruments. As far as ink, you can select from gel pens, fountain pens, or stick pens. Roller pens and stylus pens are also available. Some pens are classified as multi-function pens too. You can choose pens that fit value-priced budgets, mid-range costs, or premium pricing. Therefore, you can find just the right pen to promote your business or practice.

You can learn more about the various selections by visiting such sites as online. Take a careful look at the products to short-list your choices. If you are on a tight budget, you can quickly narrow down the selection by price. In addition to the pens, you can also select from desktop accessories, each of which can also include your business name and/or image.

Accessory Items

Companies such as the Pen Warehouse feature such items as erasers, pencil sharpeners, and presentation cases. For example, a presentation case that contains a black pen, blue pen, red pen, mechanical pencil, and yellow highlighter and features your company details and images can be purchased. You can have the outside case either spot-coloured or full-coloured. Because you are working with more space, you can create a memorable impression when you give customers this accessory.

Whatever your specific needs, a pen, eraser, pencil, or presentation case will keep you company’s name in the minds of your customers as well as prospective customers in your local community.

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