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New Year, new season, new wardrobe, and new lingerie collection – marks these expectation among ladies, and even among men, who love pampering their partners with sweet and naughty gifts such as these tiny lingerie treasures. 14th February is the time to reignite passion and romance by putting on some spice and fashion in your lingerie drawer. There is specific lingerie that would work best in every specific season while there are some that are applicable anytime of the year. In case you are still in the lookout for the lingerie collection, you can live by a few helpful suggestions. The main goal is to get you at your sexiest look whenever you can, so it is best to have some great guide. With it, your lingerie shopping will be on track.

Lingerie Collection 2015

Shopping for sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie can get you the jitters and some dose of pressure, especially now that the very day is fast approaching. Privy Pleasures, for instance, has a great sexy lingerie collection you can depend on anytime of the year, but most especially come next month. Here are some of them:

Red Romantic Sweet Heart Valentine Thong

Get your partner off his balance as you go topless with this and it will definitely be one unforgettable Valentine’s Day treat thereafter. It will be too sweet a memory to handle your partner will surely all the more love you big time.

Foudre Valentine Dress

A combination of naught and elegance this Valentine’s Day will be the aura you will represent once you are on one of this sweet treat. The flowing train with a deep plunging neckline will have your partner hold his breath for passion and excitement.

Festive Velvet Flocked Babydoll with Panty

In case you are in the mood for a week long romance, you should not fail to include this on your Valentine’s Week Collection in your lingerie wardrobe as this is the perfect one for your playful mood while at the same time maintaining the sexy and sultry look at once.

Transparent Black Red Lace Valentine Chemise

Your heart should be anywhere and that should include your lingerie. This combination of a see through lacy dress match with black equally lacy garter and thong would appear too ticklish when worn. This is going to be one effective accomplice in your Valentine’s celebration.

Men love seeing their partners dress up and dress down for them. This way, their ego gets feed onto as they would feel the love and romance in the air which would make them feel the most loved person in the whole world. Married and unmarried couple alike would agree to the idea of a great lingerie collection, as it would definitely bring back initial romances. Happy couples are those who have open minds and welcome the idea of great wraps during the season of love and romance. Expressing the said love is best done with a partner who knows how to please her or her significant other.


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