How to Spot the Very Best Electricians

handsome young man electrician installing air conditioning in a client house

Electrical work is one of the most difficult and dangerous parts of construction. With the incredible amounts of power that pass through electrical lines, it is absolutely essential that you hire a professional to perform the work. Not only can the work be incredibly dangerous, if it is not done properly, but you could also risk a fire or malfunction that threatens your business. You need to not only hire a professional, but one of the very best professionals, but how do you know which professionals are the best and which are pretenders? There are some signs that indicate you are probably working with someone who is legitimate.


The location of the client needs to be clearly marked on the website or anything they mail you. If you are looking for a commercial electrician in Brisbane, you should know that the company you are hiring is local. That way, they can respond to your needs very quickly. If you are in Brisbane and you hire a company from Victoria, they can only get to your house as fast as one can drive the distance, and that’s only if they are even willing to drive the distance outside of normal working hours.

However, the concern for location is not only about service or wait times. Many scam artists or unlicensed contractors will set up quick websites, give themselves a company name, and start working. When something goes wrong or a customer is not happy with that person, the website suddenly goes down and that person disappears. When a company has a brick and mortar location, you know that they are there to stay and act as a member of the community. If something goes wrong, you know where you can find them.


Many companies, on their websites, offer up a lot of very nice sounding promises, but they don’t actually amount to much. Companies will boast that they have the “best” service or the “fastest” response times, but those are vague and unsubstantiated. You should do your best not to be seduced by flowery language that promises nothing.

The statements that hold the most weight are guarantees. If a company says, for example, that a technician will be at your business within two hours to repair a problem, you should be able to trust that. “Two hours” is a concrete promise that you can quantify, as opposed to “fast” which is purely relative.


Commercial Electrical work is going to be somewhat different from residential electrical work. If you are looking for work for your business, you should look for electricians that specialise in commercial jobs. That is not to say they have to exclusively perform commercial work, but that they have done the work in the past and are skilled in that specific application.

When you are looking for electrical work to be done at your business, you should look into a company that fits a few criteria. The company should have a brick and mortar office so that you know they are members of the community. The company should guarantee their services, not just offer empty promises.

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