How men can choose the right scarf


Women definitely steal a march on men in the scarf stakes, with far more choice available for the female audience. This is not to say there is nothing available for men, because there is – and they are no longer the domain of aviators alone.
Generally, men’s scarves will be a rectangular shape, roughly 70″ long and 10″ wide. Some are patterned, others plain. They are simple garments, but the number of men who are scared to wear one is huge!

Why wear a scarf?

First and foremost, they are functional. A woollen scarf keeps the cold away from your neck in winter, while a lighter cotton scarf can keep the heat and the sun off your neck in the height of summer.

Above function, they add a dash of flair to your outfit and can be a great way of making a style statement. Mens designer jackets from retailers such as are often chosen in a neutral colour to be timeless, but adding a scarf shows personality and is an effortless way to add a splash of colour and keep the whole look ‘of the moment’. Keep the look simple so that the scarf does not look fussy.

For a step by step guide on how to tie your scarf, Real Men Real Style has a handy infographic.

Choose from a vast range of materials, from synthetics through to wool, linen or luxury materials such as angora, cashmere or silk. The material you choose will depend on the season you will be wearing your scarf in and its primary function.

Simple rules to follow

Keep it simple. Avoid animal or floral prints that might be considered too feminine, and only tie knots if you will be comfortable wearing them. Simply draping them around your neck is perfectly acceptable.

Keep it loose. Scarves do not work the same as a neck tie, so don’t pull a knot too tightly. If you plan to tie your scarf in a knot, consider the weave. Heavy, bulky scarves will be more difficult to manipulate.

If the scarf comes with a pin or other trinket, or features sequins or embroidery, it is probably too ‘girly’ and you will need a lot of confidence to pull it off; alternatively, you will be a rock star and it won’t matter!

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