How do you choose the right model for your garden paving?

Arranging the garden is a mission as important as establishing the interior design of the home. After all, you wanted a house with a yard just to be able to enjoy the benefits that a beautiful garden offers you. If a skilled gardener can help you plant and maintain the flowers, lawn, and trees in the yard, we can provide you with useful information for paving the alleys in the garden.

Choosing the right model of tiles for arranging the alleys and the terrace is not a very simple decision. You need to consider several criteria so that you can buy the best product for your needs. To learn more benefits of the garden, visit this website

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when looking for paving stone patterns for your garden.

The type of tiles

The first decision you need to make is about the type of pavement you want. We recommend that you use vibro-pressed concrete slabs, which are made with modern technology, so they are very durable, easy to maintain, have a special aesthetic appearance and an affordable price. But these tiles are of several kinds:

Pavements for pedestrian alleys: they are about 40 mm thick and are ideal for arranging the courtyard terrace, the barbecue area and the small alleys you will walk on, for gardening or to relax in the garden.

Pavements for car access: they have a greater thickness, of about 60 mm, they are more resistant and recommended for arranging the parking place in the yard and for the alleys where the car will run.

Arrangement style

Regarding the style of arrangement, our landscaping specialists recommend establishing a clear design, which should take into account especially the architecture of your home. Of course, you can make the choice depending on your personal preferences, but it would be good to keep in mind that the pavement in the yard must harmoniously complement the exterior design. To discover more about the factors that landscape designs must take into account, visit this website:  

Thus, you can opt for the following styles:

Carpathian style: ideal for a house in the mountains or an old, renovated country house. The emphasis is on the integration of natural materials (wood and stone) in the design, so that the tiles you choose should be as simple as possible, with irregular shapes, curved and imitate as much as possible the natural stone. Choose shades of brown, terracotta, cream or gray and do not hesitate to opt for an antique model.

Royal style: it is recommended for a home in a classic, elegant and pretentious style. The pavements made in royal style emphasize details, geometric shapes and clear rules, which leave nothing to chance. Choose sober colors, in shades of white, gray or cream and create elaborate geometric patterns through games of colors and textures. This style is recommended for a large garden with lots of carefully maintained vegetation.

Nordic style: it is a simpler style of arrangement, ideal for smaller gardens, usually found in the city. The tiles you have to use are the ones in white, black and gray tones, with the help of which you can obtain a geometric, rectangular pattern. If you have a very small garden, you can create an optical effect of enlarging the surface, using tiles in lighter shades.

Iberian style: emphasizes color and bold optical effects, so it is very popular and easy to adopt even in a small yard. Choose the tiles in shades of beige or brown and combine the colors: use borders or palisades in different tones from the tiles. Freedom and the joy of living are the basic rules, and the pavement can be completed very inspired with various decorative objects (flower pots, ceramic pots) or with gravel areas. To know about them visit the site right now!

The color of the tiles

In order to choose the right color for the garden pavement, we recommend that you consider the landscaping styles mentioned above.

If you still can’t decide, then take into account the following aspect: the color of the tiles must match the shade of the fence and the decorative plaster on the house. Thus, you can choose a color that contrasts sharply with them or, conversely, you can opt for a similar tone to complement them.

If you follow the advice of our specialists, you will definitely find the most suitable paving model for your garden. If you are looking for tiling and paving specialists, look up for Robert’s 21st Century Design LTD. They are fast, efficient and have the highest standards, they can complete your tilling project in no time, with the minimum of mess and fuss.

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