Enjoy All the Fun and Excitement of Retro Arcade Gaming


Many of us old enough to remember those classic coin-operated arcade machines also fondly remember our favourite games. There’s nothing that compares to the special sound effects and the glow of a classic arcade machine screen to make a person feel young again!

The Retro Revival

The good news is that those days are back, in part. There has been a retro arcade machine revival going on for some time now and many people, both young and old, are experiencing the gaming joys of those simpler times. In fact, new technology has allowed many of those classic gaming titles to be enjoyed once more in custom-made arcade cabinets that can be purchased from companies that specialise in arcade machines in Birmingham.

In fact, many people are even going out, buying their own arcade machine parts, and putting them together with a little knowledge and expertise. This includes gaming buttons, joysticks, entire cabinets, and special motherboards that contain all of those classic games from a bygone golden age. Even better, these parts can be sourced right from specialist arcade machine suppliers.

A Special Addition to Your Home

If you have a recreation room or entertainment area, wouldn’t a classic arcade cabinet look great in the corner? Being able to enjoy dozens of different titles in a single cabinet makes for a great conversation piece or party starter. Place it right next to a snooker table and one has a whole room dedicated to gaming and good times!

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