Different Types Of Best Pork Pie Hat In London


Pork pie hats are in fashion since the mid 19th century in one way or another. These hats can be made from various materials like felt, straw, silk on cotton canvas, etc. These are called ‘pork pie’ hats because of the shape of it. Sometimes these are also called ‘stingy brim’. Another reason for calling it a ‘pork pie’ is that it resembles the English dish. The best pork pie hat in London is always in demand as they give a vintage and classy look.

Different types of Pork Pie Hat

There are various different types of pork pie hat are available. These can be worn by men and women both. Because of so many styles available a person can choose the one that suits him or her best. The different types of hats are given below in detail.

Top Round, Short Brim Pork Pie Hats

These hats are made of 100% wool. It gives a modern look yet with a classy glimpse. The hats are priced less than the others but the quality is still good. One can get it in various sizes according to his or her need. This hat can compliment your whole look and help you receive a lot of appreciation. Though it is a very comfortable hat, the narrow brim doesn’t protect your face from sunlight.

Straw Pork Pie Hat with Upturned Brim

These are one of the best hats for a casual look with a certain sense of style. These hats are made of a paper braid of high quality. The size of the hat is going to fit properly as the size can be adjusted. Black, white, natural and toast are the different types of colour available for it. This kind of best pork pie hat in London seems to be in demand especially during summer.

Pork Pie Hat made of Wool Felt

Since it is made of 100% felt wool it keeps the head warm. This hat sits nicely on the head and helps in keeping it good without messing up the hair. This hat is loved by hat collectors and hat lovers. The sweatband of this hat is made up from leather gives a classic look to the wearer. The crown portion of the hat is 6.5 inches and it just makes it and the person wearing look elegant.

Diamond Wool Pork Pie Hats

This is a high quality and high priced hats. It goes with any kind of outfit and helps look classy and elegant while wearing it. The diamond wool helps in keeping the head warm on a cold day. And on a hot day, the sweatband on the interior portion keeps the wearer cool. The quality helps the shape stay good even if it is pressed hard with the fingers. These are one of the best pork pie hat in London.

Other than the above-mentioned types, there are more which are made and are worn by people. These different types of hats add classy look and elegance to the wearer. And can be worn in different seasons.

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