Choosing the Perfect Gift for Mom and Dad on their wedding anniversary


Parents’ wedding anniversaries are one of the happiest times for the family. On days like anniversaries, no matter what age, parents love the kids’ gestures of gifting and repaying the love of parents in some way or the other.

There are some gifts that can never fail. For any occasion, as mentioned above, these are always a safe bet, and one can fall back upon them in absence of any other idea. So, when your mom and dad are celebrating their special day, their anniversary, what would you choose as the perfect gift for them? It is a milestone in their lives, so apart from them gifting each other something special, you would also have a prominent role to play in the gifting game. So, let us figure some ideas for gifts for mom and dad.

  1. Sponsored Trip – You could book a holiday trip for your mom and dad to their favorite or dream destination. It could be a weeklong vacation. You could even book a family vacation so that everybody could celebrate their special day, their anniversary, at their favorite destination. Make a trip memorable that they will never be able to forget.


  1. Down the Memory lane – There will always be those treasured moments of mom and dad, or with the kids, or even with the family as a whole. Those special moments captured in a frame will make a lifetime memory. There are many ways you could do it. You just have to reiterate how special this occasion is in your life and also makes them relive those moments. For this, you could make a big collage using their pictures, or you could make a slide show. A personalized diary with notes and pictures would be a great idea for gifting mom and dad on their anniversary. These are few things that would definitely bring back all the memories of the past and make for a treasured gift for years to come.

  1. Home décor – Who does not appreciate mementoes that adorn the walls of their house, reminding them always of the person who gave it to them? Home décor, therefore, is usually the first choice of gift items. From cushions and covers to curtains and embroidered bed sheets, home décor items are one of the best-personalized gifts one can safely choose to gift to mom and dad for their anniversary. This is a need based gift, too. So, there is no question of disliking it due to utility. Or the lack of it.
  2. Music – One may wonder, how can music be gifted? Well, music can not only be gifted but also be personalized. With Saregama Carvaan, it is possible. Saregama Carvaan is preloaded with 5000 evergreen songs sung by legendary singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, R D Burman, Asha Bhosale, and many more artists. The portable music player has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, USB drive, and FM Radio, which makes it the best gift for any music lover. Your mom and dad could listen to their favorite numbers and bring back some golden memories of the years gone by.

The user interface of the Carvaan is very easy to handle and gets easily familiar to the older generation as well. With just one turn of the knob, one can easily switch between soulful to classic numbers, based on the listener’s mood, choice of the singer, choice of the lyricist and so on. It also comes packed with the entire enriching collection of Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala which the older generation would love. It is easy to maintain and handle, is easy on pockets, comes with hassle-free troubleshooting, and brilliant customer service in case of issues. So, this time around it’s time to gift mom and dad something different and out-of-the-box.

Though the aforementioned gifts are materialistic gifts, the feelings entailing them would make it an altogether different experience and an emotional touch will be added to life.



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