Bristol Wigs


People around the world love the versatility of wearing a wig and often find this life-changing product boosts confidence and self-perception. Wigs offer:

  • Limitless style
  • Colour options
  • Convenience when styling

However, many debate whether a synthetic wig or natural wig is better suited to creativity and overall value.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs offer the same style and designs and are sometimes lighter and easier to find as the wig-making industry tapers off in Bristol. They are the more affordable option, but wearers should be aware of the sometimes unnatural shine that synthetic fibres have. Although there is a wide variety of colour, it is not possible to change the colour by dying the wig.

Natural Wigs

While natural wigs are higher cost and maintenance, they often last longer and are more comfortable with less itch. The texture of natural wigs allows you to match your own hair texture and exact colour. People with natural wigs comment about the seamless transition into wearing a wig. Although natural wigs will react to the weather in the same way that all hair does, you will also be able to change the hair colour which can be fun and creative.

For comprehensive reviews of both synthetic and natural wigs, try finding a professional, informative company, such as Natural Image Wigs suppliers in Bristol, and carefully evaluate both options. Wigs are an extension of your own unique characteristics and choosing a wig that feels like it most closely fits your style and personality will raise your self confidence and happiness.

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