Best Laptops to buy in 2017


It was a time when the computer invention was considered as one of the great inventions. Although computers are still used in almost every department now it has shaped into the laptops. When you will pay a look at any laptop you will love to have it. It is one of the necessary things for nowadays. Although you are the student, doctor, Engineer, lawyer or whatever you are having a laptop is necessary for you. Therefore some of the best laptops to buy from are given below:

1. Asus Vivo book E200HA

Asus represents many great laptops in the market but this one is better than all. In this laptop one can find that here is a 1366×768 display. It is also a great laptop with an 11.6-inch display to make you amuse. Moreover, here in this laptop you will be able to get 32 GB SSD and it has the 2GB ram which makes it one of the most obvious laptop. It has the best battery which can survive for up to 12 hours. Therefore it is the best laptop available in the market and it is lightweight and weighs only 980g.

2. Acer Swift 5

It is a laptop with some best specifications. The one who will use this laptop will certainly love to have it. It has 256 SSD and one while love to have the RAM of 8 GB. This is an amazing laptop that will allow you to enjoy many great features. It is the lightweight laptop and it comes with the display of 1920×1080. Moreover, you can also download Direct X 12 in this laptop easily. It will give you best features. It has the best battery timing which will last up to 9 hours almost.

3. Acer Swift 3

This is also one of the best laptops that you will not be able to forget at all. This is the best laptop that comes with many great features. One will find that it has the 14-inch display screen and also it has the 8 GB of ram. It comes with the 256 SSD and has the best display. One will love to have the HD display on this laptop. Moreover, the battery timing of this laptop is also perfect which will last up to 8 hours. Therefore it is one of the best laptops that you will not be able to forget at all.

These are some best laptop and you can choose any of them. It is up to you that what are your requirements but all of them are great and comes with so many nicest features. One who will use any of these laptops will certainly love to get so many amazing features. Along with these laptops, you don’t need to be worried about other things like WIFI or Bluetooth as they come with many marvelous accessories and features. Once you have bought any of the laptops you will also find that it can last up to years and years. The pricing factor is also normal for these laptops.

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