A Guide To Properly Prune A Tree


In simple terms, tree pruning in Las Vegas is selectively cutting off parts (shrubs, branches, roots or buds) of a tree for a number of reasons. When dead branches or roots of a tree are affected by disease, it is important to prune them in order to prolong the tree’s life. Similarly, sometimes shrubs and branches hang off a tree after a storm and cause obstructions on your house or the street which need to be cut off as well. Finally, sometimes trees grow larger than require and may obstruct the light to certain areas in which case, you will be required to carefully prune the tree. Here is a guide to properly prune a tree.

Tree Pruning in Las Vegas

Although tree pruning should be done whenever required, it is easier to prune a tree in the fall or winter season when most of the leaves have fallen off the tree. Secondly, you need to decide if the tree is small enough for you to handle on your own. If the tree is large and you are required to prune the branches at the crown, it is better to ask for professional help to ensure personal safety. Generally, ornamental garden trees and fruit trees of up to 15 feet of height should be an easy task to handle.

To start tree pruning, gather your tools. You will require tree saws, shears, hand pruners, handled loppers and sometimes an electric saw for thicker branches. Start by marking three points on your tree branch. The first point is where you will create a wedge, to release pressure off the tree stem. The second point is about 6-10 inches towards the growth of trees where you will cut off the branch completely creating a stump and the last point will be before the wedge, as close to the stem as possible, where you will cut off the stem to make it as small as possible. For smaller branches, use a handled lopper or a hand pruner but for larger branches, use saws and sheers. When the branches are too thick, use a hydraulic or gas powered saw to cut off branches.

In any case, be sure to keep away from a falling branch to ensure your own safety and of those around you. Often, you will be transferring a new tree to your garden, in which case, the tree will have weaker roots. You will need to prune some branches from the crown to reimburse the loss of roots of the tree.

For more information and statistics on tree pruning, you can read the safety instructions provided the International Society of Arboriculture. With proper knowledge of the pruning trees, you can avoid unnecessary damage costs and ensure personal safety.

Tree Pruning Las Vegas is easy to handle as long as trees are less than 15 feet in height. Tree pruning is selective cutting of parts of tree to increase the health of the tree or general safety. Always use proper pruning tools and the three-cut method. For larger trees, you should always ask for professional help.

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