7 Beautiful Options Of Maternity Dresses To Look Like A Graceful Mom-To-Be


Pregnancy has brought a lot of joy in your life. However, the sweet baby bump is making you wonder how to dress up.

First off, you need not think that you can’t look stylish with your bump. If you are basically a fashion-loving lady and want to look stylish even while being pregnant, you can look so by all means.

Remember how enthusiastically you chose your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses Gold Coast at Bridesmaids Only or some other bridal boutique? And even during your maiden years, you were a great shopper of fashionable clothes! So, why you shouldn’t during your pregnancy?

Here are fantastic tips with which you can choose just the right clothes that will suit your new figure.

1. A-Line Dresses

There is no wonder why several women (whether they are pregnant or not) seek empire waist or A-line dresses. It’s because they flow away from the midsection. This style is comfortable and cute and has a seam just under the bust to allow ample room for a growing tummy.

It’s economical too since only one piece can fit most of your pregnancy time.

2.  Belly Band

You might have heard about belly band which is a lifesaver for pregnant women who want to still look stylish. It’s only a stretchable fabric band overlapping the top of your low-slung or unzipped skirts, pants or jeans and holds them up while allowing room for your expanding belly.

3. Designer Jeans

You can wear your favorite pants and jeans in the early days of your pregnancy and a belly band will offer you even more time till maternity pants will be required. But by 4th or 5th month, you must take the plunge and buy a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and work pants with stretchy waist.

Fortunately many designer labels have now come up with maternity jeans letting pregnant women to look fashionable and not frumpy.

4. Shirts with a Feminine Touch

Pregnancy demands for comfortable outfits. However, it’s also a fantastic time to show up your feminine side. You can do that by wearing florals, ruffles and girlie colours that can add to your pregnancy glow.

Look for shirts with their front with longer hemlines to cover your growing midsection and offering room on top for your growing bust and shoulders.

5. New Bras

Swollen, tender breasts may be some of the first signs of pregnancy and your breasts could expand by a cup size or two during the coming nine months. Here you will need some new larger bras with more support.

Don’t splurge on a whole pile of new bras because your breast size will retain after delivery. Just a few new bras are enough to offer room for the growing breasts during pregnancy.

6. Don’t Limit to Maternity Stores

You will find plenty of maternity clothes stores but you need not limit to them. Most major retailers have come up with maternity lines. In addition, there are local boutiques and online stores that carrying maternity fashions.

For example, you can get an extensive range of maternity formal dresses from Bridesmaids Only. You can even find stylish maternity bathing suits and wider-leg boots if you know where to look for.

Image Courtesy: bridesmaidsonly.com.au

7. Go for Layers

Your body temperature will keep changing during your pregnancy. As months pass, you will perhaps feel increasingly colder. Hence dressing in layers is advisable to make yourself comfortable.

And if you use your standard blazers, denim jacket and cardigans unbuttoned, inexpensive stretchy or maternity T-shirts and tank tops are all what you need to buy to wear underneath.

All in all, you need not sacrifice your fashionable look for the joy of pregnancy. Find the right fashions and look like a graceful mom-to-be.

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