5 reasons why your wisdom teeth need to come out


Wisdom teeth are the last body part to arrive in a person’s development, and because there is such a large gap in time between your adult teeth coming through and your wisdom teeth coming through, by the time that they actually arrive we have usually forgotten what it feels like! It is almost like teething all over again, and we know how much babies cry when their gums are sore. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are experiencing wisdom tooth agony – the only thing that you need to worry about is exactly what you are going to do about it. Yes, you could ignore the pain and try to live your life normally (perhaps with a little help from some over the counter pain relief), but unlike most aches and pains, wisdom teeth are not going to go away on their own. In most cases, the only way to remove the pain is to remove the teeth. If you’re a bit squeamish then that can actually seem like a worse idea, but in most cases, it is far better for your health. Here are five reasons why your wisdom teeth need to come out:

  1. Because they don’t actually do anything.

For a start, wisdom teeth do not actually do anything. The rest of our teeth are able to cut up our food, help us swallow, and form some of our words, but wisdom teeth aren’t needed for any of that. In fact, if you are unusual you may never grow wisdom teeth . . . and that is totally fine. As they don’t offer anything useful, there is absolutely no harm in deciding to have them out instead of just leaving them in.

  1. Because the pain could be hiding something else.

For all you know, there could be something else wrong with your jaw or your teeth that you do not know about because all you can focus on is the pain from your wisdom tooth. When that pain masks another problem it can be much harder to diagnose, and that means that treatment could be delayed for you as you probably wouldn’t decide to go to the dentist either, and that can mean even more pain and financial cost later.

  1. Because you will lose focus – and it could be costly.

Whether you’re at school trying to get those grades, or at work trying to hit those targets, the last thing that you need is a huge distraction, and that’s exactly what wisdom teeth are. The pain from them can even cause people to have accidents in their cars whilst driving! It can be a lot better for many parts of your life to decide that the wisdom teeth just have to go.

  1. Because they are really easy to get out.

It just takes less than an hour believe it or not for most San Diego wisdom teeth removal procedures to occur, and then you just have a few days of recovery before you can go back to your life again! If most people knew how easy it was, then they would probably decide to get it done a lot earlier, and your life is hardly affected by the procedure at all – except there is much less pain!

  1. Because dental care may demand it.

If your wisdom teeth are starting to affect other areas of your dental health, it could be a lot better for you to get them removed. Your dentist is the only one who can decide this for you, but it is in your best interests to listen. San Diego wisdom teeth removal is very common, and can really benefit lives.

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